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    by Published on 20th-September-2013 01:01 PM
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    Welcome to the second day in slightly less blistering Budapest.

    I failed to mention in the last post, but we spent the entire time exploring the Pest side of Budapest yesterday, and Pest is the "new" side. Today, we committed to exploring the old side of the city, Buda - All while making as few jokes about fat asian men as possible.
    by Published on 20th-September-2013 12:09 PM
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    Its been a year since my last update because fuck you.

    Lets try something a littler different this time shall we? Photobucket has gone to shit, so lets try this fancy new imgur album embedding shall we?

    So yes, Cyan went to europe.

    by Published on 25th-November-2012 08:26 PM
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    The second to last day and the final of the megathreads is upon us.
    We woke up bright and early and walked down to the docks. Its was time to get on a boat, motherfucker. We were taking a 2 part ferry ride; First to the ancient monastery of Panormitis and then after that to the island town of Symi. The boat ride took about 2 hours to our first destination, most of which passed without anything worth talking about. We were on a boat motherfuckers, don’t you ever forget. There were dolphins spashin, getting everybody all wet, but it wasn’t seaworld motherfuckers, it was as real as it gets.
    by Published on 25th-November-2012 01:08 PM
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    And we are back once again with the next part of my Greek adventurelet. This is a very small thread in regards to the last ones. Not a great deal happened this day. We were pretty fucking worn out from the mega touristing we had done the days before and we had more mega tourism planned for the following day, so we mostly took it easy.

    After a lengthy sleep in, we wandered over to the section of the old town castle that we had explored a few days prior in the dark, resolved to give it a proper look with the sun shining.
    by Published on 25th-November-2012 02:52 AM
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    You thought I was going to post part 4 and wait another month, didn’t you?

    HAH! I mock your stupidity as we begin part motherfucking 5. We sprung out of bed to eat a swift breakfast. The day before we had caught a flight from Athens to Rhodes and on the way, we were given chocolate filled croissants. During the flight we were not hungry, so we decided to save them for today’s quick breakfast. I had forgotten they were in the bag, and placed the clothes bag on top of it while changing.

    After a night of compression, we opened the factory sealed packages and ate delicious flatssants.
    by Published on 25th-November-2012 12:43 AM
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    Hullo thar nobody.

    Its been a rather long gap between part 3 and this, but ive been all busy and shit. So fuck you, who are you to judge me?

    This will be a shorter megathread than the others as it was spent mostly in transit from one place to another. Lets see if I can remember everything with pinpoint detail as we describe my morning....

    We awoke from our beds, unwillingly early, to the morning bustle of the town. Athens is a noisy city, with lots of shouting from balcony to balcony and and endless symphony of car horns. It makes sleeping in something of a chore.
    by Published on 23rd-October-2012 08:18 PM
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    Day 3 in Greece.

    We wake up early as shit in the morning and I feel fucking terrible. My stomach is doing its best impersonation of a tumble dryer, in what I surmise to be the result of either over eating, mild food poisoning or both.
    Thanks a fucking lot Greece. Leaving the others on the island, the woman and I caught a taxi to the airport. I mentioned to the driver that I was about as liable to puke all over the back of his head as I was so shit myself all over his car. I suggested that I would pay him an extra 10 euros to get there as soon as possible. Seeing as it was 4:30am, road rules were all toggled to “off” and we made it there, swerving across empty, multi lane roads at breakneck speeds, in record setting time.

    We had a flight to catch to Athens!

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